A Harlequin for me

I have a subscription for the La Maison Victor magazine for some time now. The first issues, however, I missed out on. The Harlequin dress in one of those appeared to me to be an ideal selfish sewing dress. Two pattern pieces (+ facing), I should be able to put that together fast? Maybe then the selfish sewing would actually happen.

So when I was asked to test a pattern, I didn’t hesitate! Bring on the Harlequin!

It took me ages to choose the fabric for it. Eventually I went with a jacquard (I think) with a little stretch and a nice shine to it. Very difficult to crease and pleat, easy to iron is what that means to me! I hate ironing and do it as little as possible!

As always, I chose 2 different sizes to accommodate my pear shape. But I ended up with an even smaller size at the top. Say whaaaaaat? Yes, a SMALLER size. Made my day, let me tell you.

And behold, the finished dress. A classy, well fitted, elegant, simple… dress. I can think of at least a dozen more adjectives. I put in a blind hem with the machine (hello, lazy!) and I think that went well!










Sorry about the sullen look on my face. I’m really happy with the dress, I promise… 😀









I did a few adjustments. First of all the different sizes for waist and hips. The top differs 3 sizes from the bottom. Pear shaped, clearly! I also deepened the neckline in the front, it flatters my bust a little more.

I don’t think this will become an every day dress, more one for special occasions, like parent-teachers meetings at school for example.

I was on a roll and wanted to make a dress a bot more smooth, loose and comfortable… (insert other adjectives here). I finally cut into the über soft Chat Chocolat fabric I had been saving for myself and turned it into a super fast ‘unfinished’ Harlequin.

Wonderful to wear, I can assure you! I made the dress about one and a half hour before I had to attend my birthday party. Cutting it a bit short but I showed up in my new dress. I got a looooot of compliments that night. I’m in love. In love with the fabric, the dress, the pattern. More will follow, I’m comfortable swearing by it!














Sorry about the wrinkled look. This was taken after wearing it entire day on the first day of school!

I felt like a mule on the first day of school:




Pattern: Harlequin van La Maison Victor

Fabrics: Den Depot van Het Machien – Mon Depot

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