Awesome Jurassic Oslo

Naturally, I bought her fantastic sewing book, even though it’s no secret there are no teenagers running around here.

However, I saw some adult version of the patterns appear here and there. I wasn’t ready yet to try to fit myself into the size M in vain, but the book kept calling to me.

Fortunately Husband (at least for now) is blessed with the slim shapes of a young man. It was about time I made him something to wear!

Here, the observant readers amongst you, can spot the Awesome Oslo on my to sew list, for said Husband.

I bought a lovely dinosaur jersey on sale at Den Depot a while back, with exactly this project in mind. No, I’m not married to an 8 year-old. But I am married to a 27 year-old who is a fan of crazy sweaters and t-shirts. He’s been asking me for a crazy handmade t-shirt for a while now. I just hadn’t found the right fabric.

Around Chrismas time, we saw a cool crazy cat sweater in pink and purple in a store in Mechelen. Unfortunately, it was way too expensive for a sweater that could not be worn in public all that much. So we left it right where it was. But it was a simple raglan sleeve sweater. This gave me the idea to just make one myself. I don’t need that much fabric to cover Husband’s body. It wouldn’t be nearly as expensive as the sweater in the store.

The right cat fabric hasn’t been found, as of yet. But I was digging the dinosaurs. A T-rex should score with Husband. But if you ever run into a knit fabric with cats that shoot lasers from their eyes or something like it, feel free to let me know!

I combined the dino’s with dark grey sweat fabric, to make the whole less hard on the eyes. And warmer too. The sweat fabric is nice and soft on the inside. Husband already calls it the most comfortable sweater of his entire wardrobe (which isn’t all that big).

So it’s been approved right away. He refused to take it off and went to the supermarket without his jacket, just to show it off! *insert eye rolling smiley*

Husband doesn’t agree with me on the fact that I think it could use about 3 cm extra in length. But I will keep that in mind for the next one. Because there will definitely be a next one, for sure! It’s so fast. I feel line work coming on.













The sleeves do need a bit of extra length. And the sleeve cuffs some extra width. Because he always pulls up his sleeves, he says. So longer sleeves, to roll them up afterwards… Men! I suggested to omit the cuffs on the sleeves and hips next time and just work with a hem but no! He wants cuffs! Check! Maybe next time I’ll make it into a t-shirt.

We had a quick photoshoot. Which wasn’t easy because he did not stand still! And then the daughter came in and wanted a part in the action. Some pictures ended up being so cute I just had to share them with you.












Baby – proof!











Dinosaur fabric: Den Depot van het Machien

Grey sweat fabric: Stoffenshop

Pattern: Awesome Oslo from Urban style by Eva Maria

I tried on the sweater myself and for me it also fits comfortably. I think I’ll look for some fun sweat fabrix and make myself one too! I’ve clicked this one in and out of my shopping basket more than once… I’d adjust the neckline a bit though, make it a little wider for me. But apparently I do fit in that size M (at least on the upper part of my body!). Should I try making the Marrakech Mix from the book next? Perhaps I should make a muslin.

To be continued…

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