Billie for Tim

Today I’m sharing my last Christmas present with you guys, about 2 months after giving it to the recipient!

Of course not all people who received a Christmas present from me have been features here, but not everyone got a handmade gift, due to lack of sewing time. My dad and Husband for example, had to be satisfied with a store-bought present.

But my brother-in-law, he received a handmade sweater! The Billie pattern by Zonen 09 almost jumped up and offered itseld for this occasion. My brother-in-law had told me he was a fan of Husband’s three sweaters, but perhaps in a… ahem… more adult fabric!

Brother-in-law Tim is built a bit wider than Husband, so I feared that the teenage sweater pattern from Urban Style would nog fit him. Luckily I had the Billie pattern for men lying around!

I borrowed one of his sweaters from my sister, measured it on the pattern and chose the right size. I bought the fabric at Madeline de stoffenmadam, at the same time as these fabrics. Husband approved and they are the softest of sweat fabrics. And pretty!

The sweater was tested and tried on Christmas day and approved by both brother-in-law and my sister!






I also opted for the detail of the pocket flap but changed my mind about a million times about the button. In the end I chose the one that looked best, I think.



Pattern: Billie for men – Zonen 09

Fabric: Madeline de stoffenmadam

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