Chili con carne

Yesterday was, to Husband’s delight, chili-day in our house. Chili con carne happens to be one of his favorite dishes and as it so happens it’s one of my specialties. Meant for each other, that’s what we are.

For the occasion, I’m sharing the recipe with you guys again. You can download the pdf document by clicking on this blogposts’ title (to read it on you tablet in the kitchen for example).

For extra flavour you can add some beef stock after baking the meat. Not too much though or you’ll end up with chili soup! The chili pepper can be added fresh or in powder by taste!





For the lovers of chili sin carne, the recipe can be altered easily. Either you leave out the meat or change it into something of your choice. For example:

  • minced quorn
  • tofu
  • a different type of beans (like Borlotti beans or white beans)
  • lentils
  • … your own creativity!

Go crazy! This recipe is ideal for parties! Depending on how large portions your table guests eat, this recipe will serve up to 10 portions.

Next time I’d like to try more authentic chili. This used to be a ‘poor’ people dish or arme dish. They didn’t have minced meat so they used larger pieces of beef. Like you would put in a stew. I want to try that. I’ll let you guys know how it turned out!

I hope it brings smiles on the faces in your kitchen like it does here. If you use the recipe, please feel free to comment below with your insights. If you want to share your steaming pot of chili, post it on instagral using the hashtag : #kellyjadeschili . Enjoy your cooking!

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