Fenne 5 years old!

Fenne, my Sister’s youngest daughter, turned 5 today! 5 already! This is going way too fast. I thought so when her sister turned 7 and I wrote about it here.

But 5 years is really something and it deserves to be celebrated. Yesterday, we were invited for a fun party with one of my Sister’s gorgeous cakes, this time with a star theme. In blue, naturally, since that is Fenne’s favorite color, together with green. Unlike her sister, who’s favorite color is pink.

I kept that firmly in mind when I started picking out sewing projects for her birthday gifts. We would be pitching in for a new bike, but it’s always nice to hand over an actual present.

I could picture Fenne immediately in a Cocoon dress by Groovybaby and mama. I thought it would fit her. My Sister had her doubts about the ruffles, maybe a bit too girly for Fenne, but I was sure the overall hip, oversized look of the dress would compensate that!

I looked around in the webshop of BabaRum, picked out all knits I liked that had blue and/or green and sent them to my Sister. She let Fenne choose for herself and she chose the parrots without hesitation. This made me really glad, because that was my choice too! Perhaps a bit too thin and loose for a cocoon dress but I’m not known for following the rules so I disregarded this completely!

The dress was in fact, ready in no time at all. The taping together of the pattern took more time. I did swear for a minute when I realized the neckline, sleeves and hem were to be finished with a twin needle. I considered other options but decided against them and dug up my twin needle from under a layer of dust. You see, we’re not the best of friends, she and I. I was never able to finish my hem right in the past. I’m also having some problems with the tension in my sewing machine so this did not bode well. Thankfully I was smart enough to put it to the test on a scrap piece of fabric so I could optimize the tension. And lo and behold, a perfect neckline, so nice and flat! No waves or nothing! And the sleeves and hem went without issues as well! I deserved it, after a lot of misfortune in my sewing of late (mostly through my own fault, but still!): like here or here.

But the dress looks amazing! I’m ridiculously jealous. I want one, in exactly that fabric! Yes totally <3






Check out that neckline…



And that hem…



Gorgeous fabric, with the colorful parrots.



I left the ruffles unfinished, like the instructions subscribe (no rule breaking here!).


Pattern: Cocoon dress – Groovybaby and mama

Fabric: BabaRum

But Fenne had already mentioned she would like another ‘twirl dress’ (read: a tinny dress). Her last one was getting a bit tight and according to my Sister she likes wearing it. Well, why not! I discussed fabrics with my Sister through Whatsapp and she chose the colorful drops fabric. It’s been in my stash a while, originally meant for a dress for my Sister’s other daughter. Came in handy now! I combined with a uni blue (of course blue!) cotton poplin from the stash. It’s a very thin but soft, slightly shiny cotton.

I got out the new and improved Tinny dress pattern for the first time (shame, I know!) and chose the color blocked front, the cap sleeves and the circle skirt. This dress was sewn up quickly too, apart from the little misshaps like cutting the back panels on the fold (easy to fix, this one), understitching that didn’t go at all, piping put in wrong, seams that didn’t match at the zipper… I can go on like this!

All in all, the dress ended up lovely.



I put mint green piping on the sleeves, something I hadn’t done before. I was afraid the thin cotton would’t make the sleeves stand right, so the piping fixed that.



Not a hair on my head ever thought about hemming a circle skirt, so I opted for a rolled hem again, no hesitation!


I didn’t have a matching blind zipper lying around, so I used one in the same color as the piping.


The ‘stitch in the ditch‘ method by An, I’ll have to practise  some more, because that looked awful when I tried it! The stitching was visible in the front and looked really bad on the inside. I chose a less elegant SOS-option: I sewed the lining to my seam allowance withe the serger. Works as well and looks okey I guess.


Patroon: Tinny dress – Straightgrain

Druppel kleurenstof: de Stoffenkamer

Blauwe stof: Stoffenshop

Two neat gifts, ready to be handed to a big girl!



Big contrast in the making proces between the two dresses!.

And yet, a little error did creep into the cocoon dress. One I only noticed when wrapping it. It doesn’t bother me all that much so I left it. Can you spot it?

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