Flavie’s first birthday party

Saturday, February 13th, our little girl turned 1. 1 year old already! I can’t believe it. Of course we had to have a party. We rounded up all our close family members and celebrated like there was no tomorrow. With good food, drinks and lots of laughter.

My sister makes beautiful birthday cakes so obviously she would be responsible for the cake. She asked me what I wanted a long time ago. I found that difficult because Flavie can’t choose for herself. I started checking Pinterest and made a idea board. I tried to think about what Flavie really likes. Animals! And our cat in particular. So I started looking for cat cakes. There are so many! But then I found this cake and I was sold. A fox themed party it would be!

Our cake:



I made invitations and ordered them together with some candy wrappers at Smartphoto. I chose a color palette for the decorations (peach, black and white) and ordered a few things at Langzalzeleven. On the big day, our dining room looked like this:


I baked some fox cookies. My test version is visibe here. I perfected the recipe thanks to Juffertje in het groen. My decoration wasn’t entirely perfect, but the taste was good, which is the most important part anyway! I wrapped the cookies in the candy wrapping bags and gave them to the family as a little thank you. Admittedly, they do look a bit like foxes from far away (bottom left, next to the balloon in the picture above).

In the evening, the decorations were even used for goofing around. My dad and brother in law built a tower. As you can see, building towers isn’t solely a childrens’ passtime!




All that was left now, was the party outfit of the birthday girl. Those of you who know me, a little bit that is, expect a handmade outfit. It was at the top of my to sew list. That’s at least one thing I can cross off the list.

My plan was to make a Julia dress in solid colored jersey and then add a peach colored fox with flock film. Since I didn’t really have any of those materials in the house, I started searching the web. Where could I find them this last minute? I ended up on the website of Kiwi fabrics. And that was meant to be. A webshop filled with beautiful knit fabrics and they happened to have a pretty fox jersey in stock! A quick message to the shop owner ( Sheena) and it was settled. Luckily the home base of the shop is close by so I was able to pick up my new fabric on thursday.

A little (distracted) sewing on friday night led to a new party outfit for the kid on saturday! The dress is still a bit large, but that means she’ll be able to wear it longer!






Pattern: Julia dress – Compagnie M

Fox fabric: Kiwi fabrics

Brown fabric: Stoffenspektakel


Some ambiance pictures:

With my sister, Flavies godmother.





With my sister in law, Flavies other godmother.


With Omi, my mother.



With Moeke, my mother in law. Or on her way to Moeke ?


In the spotlight, just the way she likes it!




On this picture you can see clearly she has a fat lip. She fell the day before!



With me ?





The party people!


Afterwards there was only a little clutter left to clean up, but we did that on sunday. Flavie was already a sleep so we threw ourselves on the sofa with a glass of wine, exhausted. A great party!




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  2. compagniem   •  

    oh heel schattig! Ik ben trouwens wel heel blij dat ik je leerde kennen bij Madeline. Nu weet ik eindelijk wat voor een lieve persoon er achter die naam schuilt die me al een tijdje volgt. 🙂

    • KellyJade KellyJade   •     Author

      Oh zo lief van je Marte! Ik vond het ook heel leuk om de fantastische persoon achter de mooie patronen te leren kennen! Tot binnenkort op je workshop!

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