How to make quick and easy cinnamon rolls

I’m such a fan of cinnamon buns. I don’t know about you guys, but those delicious rolls are definitely some of my favorite pastry.

Unfortunately, you cannot find them very easily in Belgium. I know Ikea and Starbucks offer them from time to time but our pastry shops haven’t joined my enthousiasm.

Of course, I could always make them myself. I searched the world wide web and found lots of recipes, all different. And all so much work! For something that would disappear in two bites!

So I found out for myself how I could do it in a simple, non-authentic way and behold, I’m sharing it with you. Lazy bakers’ cinnamon rolls for the win!

Obviously they are not as fluffy and soft as the original ones but they taste allright and most importantly, they do not require difficult and many ingredients.

Easy peasy cinnamon Rolls


  • sugar (your average white castor sugar)
  • cinnamon powder
  • puff pastry (store-bought or home made)
  • butter





  • preheat your oven to approx. 200° C (follow the guidelines on the puff pastry packet)
  • unroll the puff pastry, add a thin layer of melted butter on the dough and let it rest for a little while


cinnamon 1


cinnamon 2


  • in the mean time, mix the sugar and the cinnamon powder in a cup (I did not measure anything, I did it by taste, the sugar should have a brownish look)





  • cover the puff pastry with a good layer of cinnamon sugar, make sure to go as close to the sides as possible


cinnamon 3


  • carefully roll up the dough to make a loosely rolled sausage (do not roll it up to tight, it will create hard and compact cinnamon rolls)


cinnamon 4


  • cut of the ends to make them straight


cinnamon 8


  • Cut the sausage in about 6 (more or less) equal parts


cinnamon 5


  • take every piece, set it down on its side and push down a little to make it stand on its own


cinnamon 7


  • I used a muffin tray to keep the rolls upright but I’m sure an oven tray covered in heat resistant paper will do fine (be sure to rub some butter on your muffin tray to prevent sticking)
  • sprinkle the last bit of cinnamon sugar over your rolls to create a nice cinnamon caramel layer on top


cinnamon 6


  • bake the rolls for about half an hour in your preheated oven, take them out and let them cool for a little while
  • enjoy!


cinnamon 9


cinnamon 11



Naturally these are not ‘proper’ cinnamon buns, but the minimum effort that goes in them sure make these a winner! They’re perfect as a little treat to go with coffee! Not too big, sweet and the flavor goes so well with good coffee… They didn’t even survive long enough around here for a proper photoshoot!

And uhm… for quickly whipping something up for the kids, this is a good recipe 😉

I know my daughter loved them!


Flavie cinnamon buns


cinnamon 10

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    Soooooo making these over the weekend!

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