I heart cork leather

To carry on with blogging about my handmade Christmas gifts, today I present to you the gifts for my mother and sister. Both were made with the amazing cork leather.

I have fallen sooooooo in love with the material! I had a big piece of mintgreen left and a small piece of the bamboo with gold and I’m thinking very hard about what to make for myself, before I cut in to them.

The wallet project #17 pattern by Compagnie M seemed to be the ideal challenge for the mom-present. I bought a set at K-bas, complete with cork leather, pattern and haberdashery and got to work. I opted for the dark brown cork leather for my mom and I was not dissapointed when the package arrived. Also lots of love for the pattern by Marte. As usual the steps are explained very clearly and the project is not too difficult. I feared for working with the leather but it was so user-friendly! My mother was very impressed by her new wallet and I must admit I was quite proud of myself 😉



I considered finishing the front flap with my pinking shears but they turned out to be very blunt. No doubt because of little use. So I made the classic version, which is very pretty!






Pattern: Project #17 – Compagnie M

Cork leather and haberdashery: K-bas


I had some doubts about making something for my sister. At first, I thought about making a wallet out of the bamboo gold cork leather I had, but I wasn’t sure she would use it. You see, my sis currently uses a gigantic wallet so I was afraid this one would not be sufficiently large.

I started perusing the book ‘Mijn designertas’. I had never made a bag out of that book so I figured it was time. The ‘Jupiter’ bad by the Jumeaux twins caught my eye. It seemed basic, yet elegant AND very suitable for the leather since it had unfinished edges.

For a moment I wanted to combine the leather with a different fabric on the inside but decided against it. I made the whole bag out of the cork leather, but finished the detail on the handle with a gold colored fake leather. I reinforced the flap with a supple placemat, so the bag stays upright on its own.

I am a fan and most of all… jealous. It almost hurt to put the bag under the Christmas tree. And as I had hoped, my sister really loved it. It’s really her kind of bag too. She immediately used it for a new year’s party!













Pattern: ‘Jupiter’ by Jumeaux – Mijn designertas

cork leather: K-bas

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