You’ve probably seen it all around blog country. Wonderful knitting projects are showing up here and there. Knitting is hip!

My favorites:

It seems so easy too. Just quickly teach yourself how to knit and bam! a week or 2 later you have a sweater. I deemed it possible!

I never thought I would ever be handling knitting needles. My enthusiasm was definitely raised when I saw the Claudette cardigan in the lates edition of La Maison Victor magazine. A little too difficult for now, starting humble seems like a good plan.

A phone call to my grandma Paula made sure I got a large part the necessary materials. She gave me a big bag full of needles and 2 folders of ‘reader’s digest’ knitting manuals. Thank you kindly; Grandma! I dug up a ball of wool in a shade of pink that makes my toes curl and started practising…


Schermafbeelding 2016-02-21 om 23.05.55


Worked out allright for a first timer didn’t it?

Obviously I would not get far with one ball of thin wool. I happened to pass by a Veritas store a while back and went looking around. I asked the saleswoman for some advice. She recommended a thick, soft wool. Not too expensive and with inconsistent thickness. That way, errors would be less visible in my work. I liked that thought and the price was without a doubt an important factor. If I ended up ruining it, at least it wouldn’t ruin me!

The idea that the inconsistent thickness would mask mistakes did not work out at all. Quite the opposite actually. The thicker parts look like errors although there are none. My piece looks like it’s filled with mistakes. This wasn’t the plan! But maybe for a scarf it’ll be okey?


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I’ve also bought the book ‘Jules en Julie voor groot en klein’ by Julie Jaeken from Julija’s shop. Let’s hope this will help me improve my knitting!

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