Little girls grow up. A lot. And fast.

My godchild is now 8 years old. Eight years ago I became the godmother of Renske. Jeez, I’m getting old!

We supplied the necessary birthday presents in the form of Lego. We were told she needed some things to complete her Lego Friends theme park set. However, a new handmade dress was also requested.

Naturally I cannot decline such a request. The Laure dress pattern by Straightgrain had been released a little earlier so I knew what I would make in an instant. I went for the version with long sleeves (for chilly spring days), bow-tie and gathered skirt. I could vividly imagine it on her!

My search for fabrics didn’t take long either. The pastel colored collection by Soft Cactus had already caught my eye. I fell totally in love with the pink feather fabric but I stubbornly refused to sew yet another pink piece of clothing for Renske. The kid’s wardrobe is simply overflowing with pink clothes! In stead I chose a fabric in one of the prettiest shades of blue I have ever seen with a teenyweeny pink detail. It could only match well with Renske’s blue eyes. I was not dissappointed when I discovered the fabric in my mailbox. Beautiful colors, great quality, basically, what I’ve come to expect from Soft Cactus fabrics. The only thing might be that it wrinkles quite easily. But hey, that’s a problem for my sister and her iron! 😉

The dress was completed fairly quickly. I sewed it up in one evening. A little last minute I’m afraid. That’s the reason why you had to wait so long to see it (her birthday is January 30th), the fact that I forgot to take pictures.

I made a size 8 or 9 years (I don’t remember exactly) and it’s still very roomy for small Renske, but this only means she can wear it longer. The length seems fine to me, though.

Today, Renske came over to entertain Flavie and we had an improvised photoshoot in the afternoon sun.

I had a really hard time choosing between the 50 or so pictures I took, so you will forgive me the abundance here 😉






















Some action photos to prove this dress is actually pretty play-proof!














Perhaps a quick word about the rather silly shoes and socks… By improvised photoshoot I mean: quickly grabbing the dress after her afternoon of sports and not thinking further. Result: she arrived at my place wearing a sweatsuit and matching shoes and high pale pink socks. Well, that’s just what we’ll have to work with! Thank heavens they were pink, at least that color matched. Imagine if they were bright orange!  😮


















Nothing but love here for An’s pattern!

Pattern: Laure dress – Straightgrain patterns

Stof: We Want Waves pastel blue – Soft Cactus

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