Marvelous Moïra

At the start of the year, a new deli opened on the corner of our street. It’s run by a young, friendly  couple. I talk to them almost every day when we run in to each other.

When the news came that Mrs. was pregnant with a little girl, there was joy all around. Especially if you know that Mr. is really fond of our Flavie. She’s very good at charming men, that daughter of ours.

In November their little daughter would be born. I looked into the place every day to see if Mrs. was still helping out or asked Mr. about it when I ran into him. And then, the birth announcement came!

Moïra was born. Next week Mrs. was already working again, as if nothing had happened! Wauw! Of course, when you run your own business, taking an extended period off is not an option.

I’ve already had the privilege to look upon little Moïra and she was adorable. I really wanted to make her something pretty.

After the last baby presents, I had two patterns lying around so I decided to use them again.

I made another  Oliver  pants in very soft pink scuba fabric. A leftover piece from a project I have not yet published.








I didn’t think this was enough, so I made another  Grace dress. I had just the right amount of Rhodifer fabric left from this dress for Renske.

The skirt isn’t as wide as the pattern suggests but the fabric is a bit thicker so that should be ok!

I’m in love with this dress, too bad it’s too small for Flavie 😉

The fabric is really difficult to photograph.









In the back I used see-through snaps for the closure. Seemed handy with baby material!




Marvelous Moïra, I hope this dress will make you look even more pretty, if that’s even possible! Welcome to our world!

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