May the Awesome be with you…

Exactly 3 years ago, on Star Wars day, Husband and I said ‘I do’.

Husband has put up with me now for almost 9 years, 3 of which as a married man. I believe that deserves a little something.

After the first Awesome Oslo sweater, he ordered another one. When we were in Ghent a while back, I let him pick some fabric in de Stoffenkamer. He only chose one, but it counted for more. A ‘crazy’ fabric, like the dinosaurs. This time with birds. He wanted to combine it with orange. I thought that would be too flashy, and I was a little bit right… 😮















pattern: Awesome Oslo from Urban Style by Eva Maria

orange knit: Stoffenspektakel

bird jersey: de Stoffenkamer

Only one is so sad, so I made a second one. I cut the fabric and assembled both sweaters in 3 hours.Easy peasy!

For this one, I chose some fabric that I’ve wanted to use for past projects but never did because I lacked the right fabric to combine it with. Until it hit me: why not just reverse the fabric!




pattern: Awesome Oslo uit Urban Style by Eva Maria

fabric: Blender Vintage shop



There you go, some closet filling for Husband


May the fourth be with you!









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