Millie birthday dress

On February 13, our little girl turned 2. 2 years old already! How time flies…

It seems like yesterday when they put her in my arms in the hospital, all perfect and tiny!

2 years later, she’s become an active, fun and mostly happy (which I am really grateful for) girl. She smiles and laughs a lot more then she cries and according to everybody around her,  she’s always like that!

On sunday, the 12th of February, we celebrated the past two years with the whole family. About 20 people filled up our dining room. I made some cakes and of course a new dress for the birthday girl!


Caught at eating pie with her godmother 😉


I came across the Millie dress by Mix it – Make it on Instagram. Although I can’t remember where exactly, I fell in love with the pattern. I was just waiting for the right occasion and now it had arrived.

I headed over to the opening of the new store of Madeline de Stoffenmadam in Vilvoorde (yay so close!) and chose (with some difficulty amongst such pretty fabrics) my fabric. I dared to opt for a brighter fabric with flamingo’s on it. The fluo pink-orange looked like a color that would fit our Flavie. And since the theme of the party would be confetti colors, it would work nicely!

I made the smallest size, 98, but used a 1,5 cm seam allowance because our girl is rather small. It’s quite loose fitting but this way she can wear it longer. The visible seams and hems were sewn with a twin needle and using two different colors. One is a kind of orangy pink (I did not have enough left of this so I added a second color) and the other is plain orange.

The color of the fabric is very hard to get on film…








Sorry for the picture overload but I couldn’t deny you the cute photos from the photoshoot…











Pattern:  Millie dress – Mix it-Make it

Fabric: Madeline de stoffenmadam


The dress was a big hit! She wouldn’t take it off during the fitting session so I had to convince her with a piece of candy 😉 Happy kid = happy mom!



My godchild Renske is wearing a Laure dress I made her in this picture. I will post about this later, because I forgot to take photos at the time.

And the party was a blast!

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