Mother’s day

Yesterday was mother’s day. Mom received a breakfast basket at her door with some proseccp and other goods (for her and dad). My sister arranged this because she couldn’t be there.

But I really do have the best mother in the whole world. I don’t just say that, it’s just true. Additionally she’s also the best granny in the world! So she deserves a little bit more.

She clearly gave us the message to not buy her anything, to save our money for better things.

Well, I followed the rules. Sort of…

I made a Susanne cardigan by Compagnie M, in a fabric I bought at the Stoffenspektakel thursday. I kind of cheated there, because this I did buy. I really think the fabric is her style and she agreed, thankfully!

At home I realized I used the same fabric as her , with the only difference in the little color accent. In my version it’s turquoise, in her version it’s yellow ochre.

Originally I was going to use bias tape in the same blue as the fabric but the black satin bias I used now made a better match.

Marte (of Compagnie M) gave me the tip to ‘borrow’ one of my mom’s sweaters and place it on the pattern, folded, to find the right size. Great tip because the cardigan fits perfectly!

Unfortunately I have no pictures on the model!


















Pattern: Susanne cardigan by Compagnie M

Fabric: Stoffenspektakel

Bias tape: Veritas

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