My get fit plan

It had to happen some time. After years and years of doing no, and I do mean absolutely NO sports or exercises, I had to do something about it.

Because I used to be fond of sports before! I never had the best physical condition but at least I was sporty. I’ve always enjoyed playing ball sports.

So, this summer, I decided to get off of my couch and stop being a lazy pig. Losing weight was not my goal in the first place because, thankfully, I’ve already lost all my pregnancy weight, quite easily actually! Of course I could lose a few more but I’m working towards building up stamina and adding to my muscle tone.

I never thought I would but… I joined a gym nearby. Walking distance. Thank god. Otherwise I would never go. I immediately signed a one year contract that was ‘a little more’ expensive. This way I can also join all the group lessons (like spinning, yoga, zumba…). Unlimited fitness, all the group lessons and coaching, I’m liking this deal! I was counting on the fact that, if it costs a bit, I would be motivated to actually go to the gym. And I have to say… it works!


Post session one:



I always thought fitness wasn’t… for me! Antisocial and so… without a cause. But I’m actually digging it! After every (not so very long, yet) session, I feel good! I feel energized and… I’ll admit, a little proud! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

My plan still is, to go to the gym for fitness 3 times a week and for yoga every saturday (oh yes!) morning. For now, I’ve only been able to go 2 times a week for fitness and once for yoga but I keep trying! So it’s going fine. I wish I could join in some more of the group lessons but my schedule doesn’t really allow for that right now.




I wish I would dare to try a spinning class, seems ideal to improve my physical condition, but I honestly think I could not survive even one class! ย :-O


I already look like a tomato from just the fitness:



On top of that, I’ve rekindled my old volleybal carreer. Not really. I just joined a recreative team that have a game once a week. It’s a start! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I’m trying. I’m still hoping to get my own treadmill from out under our basement’s dust so I can run at home, but I haven’t found the right place to put it yet… (I know, lame excuse right!).

So, let’s go! Keep trying! At least I’m doing something! If I could only eat healthier… or just, less…


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