Pin it & make it – beer risotto

Today a recipe I tried this week. Risotto with beer in stead of wine. To me it seemed strange for a minute but we have a saying in this house: ‘Good with good can’t be bad!’

I like risotto and although they say it’s difficult to make, I’ve always succeeded in making it work. Maybe I have special risotto-powers or I’m just lucky, I don’t know. But as long as it keeps working out, I’m glad!

We enjoy a beer now and then (Belgians and all), so this recipe should be a win-win.

And it was. Soooo good! We made it with sausage like the recipe says, but there’s no reason why vegetarians can’t omit the meat and enjoy it too!

The recipe can be found in  this  pin.



I used Polish kielbasa as sausage, not the healthiest meat, but oh so yummie!




Sautéd meat and gouda cheese ready to go!




This is what risotto looks like when you poor beer onto it…




I used this Belgian dark beer. The same beer I use in my Belgian stew, unless I have something else lying around.








I do think I’ll add some vegetables next time, to give me the impression there is something healthy in this dish! 😉

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