Pin it & make it – dinosaur tail

It’s very possible people expect me to give a handmade gift at birthdays and births.

But it’s one of the few certainties in life that I expect it myself.

So when Liam, my niece’s son, turned 3 in February, I made him a ‘small’ gift. This time I managed to do this, well within deadline!

Although clothes were requested, I did not make a piece of clothing. He already got that at New Year’s and I figured he’d be getting a bunch from everybody else! Besides, which strapping boy of 3 would like to get clothes!

This did seem like the perfect opportunity to try out a pin I had been wanting to make for a long time. So for this week’s pin it & make it with Liesellove … a dinosaur tail!


Dinosaur fabric: stoffenspektakel

corduroy for the spikes: thrift store

pattern and tutorial: Running with scissors


Unfortunately, Liam wasn’t feeling up to wearing the tail at the time, but I hope he has played with it since.

Turns out I can’t keep up with the ‘pin it & make it’ – challenge every week. I did say I would ‘try’ 😉

Better luck next week!

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