Pin it & make it – easy as pie

Saturday, April 23rd, our school held an open restaurant day. Couscou (vegetarian or with chicken) and Belgian stew was served foe a fair price.

My colleagues who were responsible worried they might have underestimated the number of visitors, since the presale went well. So they asked the baking lovers amongst us if they wanted to bake some cake or pie. Of course I wouldn’t mind!

I happen to have in my posession the recipe for the best rhubarb pie ever! I also know I can make said pie without ever failing. Unfortunaly there was no rhubarb to be found within a 10km radius.

Change of plans. I checked the contents of my fridge and pantry and ended up with limes, eggs, chocolate and bananas.

Pinterest was the answer.

I baked one nice and fresh lime-merengue pie. Completely my kind of pie! I used this recipe.





Then I baked another pie. Delicious but what a calorie bomb! It was a chocolate-banana pie, following this recipe.






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