Pin it & make it – pin cushions (+ give away)

* An overview of my pin it & make it projects can be found here.

This pin has been on my board for a long time. A pin cushion is a necessary attribute for a seamstress. Yeah, I thought so too. But I couldn’t really convince myself to actually make one.

Enter Liesellove  and here pin it & make it – project. A good excuse to finally get started.

This is a really great project for line work and processing scrap fabric. I dove into my scrap bin (which is overflowing as we speak) and chose leftovers of my favorite top 5 of fabrics I’ve used so far. There is no particular order, I like them all. This way I can cherish them for a long time.

  • The Art gallery fabric of number 1, I once used for a little tunic, of which I still regret having to give it away.





  • Number 2 was made with leftover fabric from these two handmade items.




I can also attach the cushion a little higher, so it’s not in the way of my backstitching button.












  • Number 4, I made in the beatiful Lotte Martens fabric, used for, once again, a dress.






The tie isn’t bothering anyone in the back.


  • And last but not least, number 5. Stitched together with the fabric of a  Louisa-dress.




I could also attach the cushion to the front of my sewing machine.






I can almost hear you thinking: who needs 5 pin cushions? No one does, obviously, so neither do I. That’s why I’m giving away 2 of them. Not that I need 3, but with 3 I can switch them around ever so often. You can win one here, and one on my facebookpage. You can double your chances!Would you like one of these pin cushions? Enter the give away below. Don’t forget to leave a blog post comment and mention which pin cushion you prefer! The give away is only open to residents in Belgium and The Netherlands. It runs until my next pin it & make it – post (next wednesday). Good luck.





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