Scientific Did You Know – 1

My love for science isn’t a big secret. Neither is the fact that I’m a high school science teacher. The two things go hand in hand I think 😉

So I’ve been doubting to add a sort of scientific did you know column to the blog. Every week, every two weeks, every month… What do you think? A good idea or not?

These posts would be about little facts, some of which you may already know. Of course, they will mostly be about biology and physics, because they our my specialty!

Today, I will share a first one:

Did you know…

… at birth, a woman is already in possession of all the egg cells she will ever fully develop? They are present in the form of primary follicles and at birth, there are about 500 000 to two million left. Approximately 400 of these will eventually fully develop during her lifetime.


eierstokRepresentation of an ovary at birth


So this actually means that the egg from which you were formed, was already present in the body of your pregnant grandmother. Weird thought, huh?

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