Scientific Did You Know – 2


Did you know…

that every cell in the human body contains approximately 2 meters of DNA?

If you were to line up all the DNA strands from one cellular nucleus, it would add up to two meters in length. All of this is expertly stuffed into a nucleus of around 11 to 22 micrometers in diameter. Micrometer, that is one millionth of a meter! I would say expertly is the right word for it.





Exceptions to this are red blood cells – they don’t have a nucleus – and reproductive cells – they only contain half of that DNA.

Since a human body has over 10 billion cells (= 10 000 000 000 000), there is a rough 20 billion meters of DNA in your body. That is enough to cover the earth’s equator for 500 thousand times. So your DNA, wrapped around the equator, 500 thousand times…





Doesn’t that tingle your imagination?


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