Scientific Did You Know – 3

Did you know

… every square centimeter of the earth is hit by approximately 65 billion solar neutrino’s (= elektron neutrino’s) every second?

Many of these neutrino’s even pass humans and animals, undetected! How is this possible?


a neutrino is an elementary particle that has no electric charge. It also has a neglectable mass. It shows very little interaction with regular matter so it passes through very easily.

Every now and then, neutrino’s collide with other subatomic particles in our atmosphere but this is rather coincidental and rare.

Because neutrino’s have such a small mass, no charge and they show very little interaction, they are extremely difficult to detect. Scientist and engineers have built numerous complicated detectors, that keep getting better and better. By now they have proven neutrino’s to be real!

A whole world undetected, that plays out around and even through us on a daily basis!


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