Scientific Did you Know – 6

Did you know…



… sea turtles have an internal navigational system that uses the earth’s magnetic field as a guide?



Female sea turtles travel hundreds of miles to mate and lay eggs on the same beach as the one where they were born. When little turtles hatch, they’re pretty much left on their own since the mother doesn’t stick around. Yet the females in these descendants return later on life to this very same beach to lay their own eggs. How is that possible?
Our earth has its own magnetic field. You can compare the earth to a giant bar magnet, whose magnetic south pole is located at the geographical north pole and whose magnetic north pole is located at the geographical south pole. That’s why the north pole of a compass points to the (geographical) north pole. Because opposite poles attract. Depending on the place on earth, the strength of this magnetic field differs. It’s at its strongest around the poles and its weakest around the equator.




Scientist believe sea turtles can sense and identify this magnetic field at certain locations and remember its characteristics. They then use this data to return to the beach of their birth. It has not been proven exactly how this mechanism works, but experiments with artificial magnetic fields do show that the turtles change course when the magnetic field changes.






Crazy stuff again, huh?


I will save you from further scientific mumbo jumbo but you can find an article on it here.

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