Scientific Did You Know – 7

Did you know…



… a boar can produce up to 0,5 liter of sperm when it ejaculates?



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On average, a boar produces 16 billion sperm cells a day, or 180 000 sperm cell per second. This is in contrast with humans, who produce up to 72 million sperm cells per day or can ejaculate approximately 2 to 6 milliliters of sperm. That’s about a teaspoon to half a tablespoon.


What makes it all the more impressive, is the fact that the orgasm of a boar can last for half an hour! Men can learn from this! 😉 Too bad for the sows: they generally don’t have orgasms.


A few more interesting facts along these lines:

  • pigs have a spiral shaped penis, that ‘twists’ into the sow’s vagina
  • snakes have 2 penises (hemipenes)
  • dogs have a penis bone and a ‘bulbus glandis’ at the base of their penis
    • this swells up during mating, which locks the male into the female and this locking mechanism can stay in place for up to half an hour
  • most marsupials have a split penis, it has two ends
  • a cat’s penis has little ‘hooks’ at the end, to stimulate ovulation (a female cat ovulates every time it mates!)
  • of all the primates, man has the largest penis => so they have something to be content about 😉



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