Tattoo me – second one

Ehrm, a little bit too late with my tattoo column, but no worries! Here it is! Today’s feature: my second tat!

Not really a very inspiring story for this one. I had a very vague idea of what I wanted and went looking… I found an idea, tried to redraw it, adjusted it… and went to the shop!

Exciting, right? No, not really. I was young, very deep stories and thoughts weren’t frequent at the time. But I’m still happy with this tat. Something plantlike, but not quite so, was the plan. And I’l still happy with the fact that there’s something plantlike on my body. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maybe a short anecdote from the actual day. My mother wasn’t isn’t a big fan of body ink. Of course, today she realizes it’s a lost battle, but back then, she tried to talk me out of it. When she heard about my plans, she went for the clever approach. I originally wanted to place it on my neck, a little to the right of the middle. Pretty much in sight, for everyone to see. She did not agree with that at all and suggested a compromise. She would drive me to the shop, IF I promised to place the tat lower on my shoulder, so it would be covered by a t)shirt. I liked my odds and the deal so I went for it!

Once we arrived, she asked the artist how much time it would take, approximately. The answer of ‘about an hour’ seemed to please her. Until I got in the chair and she hear the ‘buzzzzzzzzzzzz’ – sound of the needle. I could just make out the hem of her coat disappearing out the door and hear a faint ‘I’m going shopping for an hour’ and she was gone! Haha! That was the last time she offered to chauffeur me around!

But of course you’re waiting for images, right? Again, I couldn’t find any pictures of back then (2005), bizarre… But I did record the current state of events:









Depending on which shirt I wear, it show itself from time to time…




The little brown spots weren’t there before, sadly enough they are now…

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