Tattoo me – third one

It’s about time I revisit my columns I had going there for a while. First friday of the month means tattoo column or series!

This is the forth tattoo post and featured today is my third tattoo!

It won’t be such a long post, because the story behind this one is rather personal and I would like to keep it that way 😉

The tat was designed and drawn by the artist, under careful directions and inspiration from me. The words in it are: ‘She just wept’. Written in a Tolkien script. It is the title of a Starsailor song, worth listening to I think.

It’s positioned right under the inside of my elbow, a bit slant. On purpose of course. This way, if I twist myself uncomfortably, I can just about read it!

I got it at the end of my university carreer, in the year 2010. It was put there by artist Ienjas, who worked at Bodydesign in Ghent at the time. It was also the first tattoo I got for which my Husband was present.

I’m still very happy with this ink. It’s also the one I get the most questions about. At least up until the moment I got my fingertattoos! I think because it’s very visible (when I wear short sleeves) and because most people have difficulty reading the words. My answer is always the same: that’s private  😉 I’m mostly talking about nosy students and the like!

So here’s my third tattoo, about tough times in my life, to remind me it could always be much worse and to look at life in the best possible way…

(again, I couldn’t find any pictures of the ‘fresh’ ink, very strange…)




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