The renovation – part 12

It’s been a while since there has been an update about our renovation project. But behold, here it is, completely unasked for! 😉

A loooooooooong while back we made the little office into a second bathroom. We really needed a toilet on the bedroom floor. Unfortunately it came a little too late for all the late night bathroom calls during my pregnancy but at least these days I don’t have to go down to the ground floor.

We took out the whole floor (a bit sorry about the nice wooden floor) to put in new pipes and drains. We laid a new floor, but kept it cheap and used cheap building material that ended up looking fun! We topped it with a thick layer of boat varnish against water damage. We installed a shower, a toilet and a cabinet with wash basin. We finished the toilet with the same material as the floor. The ceiling was lowered a bit to accomodate the new electricity cables and was finished off with vinyl sort of planks with a ‘wood look’.

I’m pretty happy with the result! All it needs now is matching curtains. I put one up temporarily to avoid the neighbours looking in!

badkamer voor


badkamer 2

badkamer 4

badkamer 5

badkamer 3

badkamer 1


And finally, FINALLY, we have… a backyard! Well, we obviously already had one, but now it even looks like one in stead of a jungle!

Husband already tried to tidy it up a bit. He removed a completely redundant hedge and fence and a lot of prickly plants. He also cut the grass to a reasonable height. But then… It was left to jungle once more. So it was decided to hire professionals. You know, bare chested men in the heat like the coca cola light commercial… But not really. But at least they were efficiënt!

In three days’ time they removed EVERYTHING that couldn’t stay (read: everything that was prickly, ugly, dead or in the way). One of the neighbours’ trees was cut to the ground. It took away too much light and made too much dirt. The neighbour lady was thrilled! The ground was made level AND they laid out grass! And I’m ecstatic! Really, I’m giddy as a schoolgirl!

It’s too bad we can’t walk on the new grass for a while but we can wait a bit longer. It’s growing well, the lines are hardly visible anymore and it’s soooooo green! Our wedding apple tree is still growing strong but we’ll probably have to move it to a spot that gets more sunshine eventually.



tuin voor 1


tuin voor 2


After the first… erhm… tidy up by Husband:


tuin voorna


tuin na 4


tuin na 4


tuin na 2


tuin na 3


Vandaag (green baby!). Beeld u gerust een kleine schommel in op de achtergrond voor ons Flavieke:




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