About me



Who am I?



Not an easy question to be answered.

I am one of the many Kelly’s in this world 😉 . I’m a woman in her early thirties.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m blond (more a light brunette these days perhaps), but I belong to the kind that was born this way, so not by choice.
  • Married to a beautifully bearded man since May 2013.
  • Since February 2015 I have had the privilege to be the mother of a beautiful little girl named Flavie. And since July 2017, a second little lady joined our party, named Blomme.



  • I’m also the godmother of my sister’s eldest daughter, Renske (°2009) and a very involved aunt to her sister, Fenne (°2011).



  • I’m technically a large animal veterinarian although I’m currently working as a high school science teacher ⇒ so I have, on occasion (and more than you might think), put my arms inside cows, horses and sheep… 😛
  • I would love to have more than 24 hours a day.


  • I love:
    • my daughter, Husband and my family
    • good food (Thai, Indian, Italian, African… all of it!)
    • animals (including the creepy crawlies)
    • being creative with all sorts of crafts
    • dancing and music and most of all the Rolling Stones (they are the best!)
    • Chai tea
    • travelling
    • biology and (believe it or not) physics
    • the smell outside after a downpour in the spring or summertime
    • looking for and buying fabric (I’m addicted I know!)
    • Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, comic books… Oh yes, I’m kind of a geek!
    • Reading (fantasy) books




  • I don’t like:
    • shopping (even in the supermarket)
    • clearing out the dishwasher and ironing
    • dubstep music
    • licking the last bit of a popsicle off the little wooden stick thingy!
    • rubbing dry hands on a pair of jeans
    • mushrooms (iieeuuww!!)
    • little annoying dogs
    • tracing sewing patterns and adding seam allowance (I really hate that!)


There, now you know some things about lil’ old me! Hope you enjoy my website. Feel free to look around. There are some recipes to be found in the category ‘food’ or under the ‘recipe’ tag.

I would love to hear from you! You can leave a comment below or contact me by email (see the ‘Contact me‘ page). Thanks for visiting!