Green Smash – smoothie recipe

Today I’m sharing a smoothie I tried in my recent holiday. I’m a devoted smoothie drinker. I consider it an easy way to ‘eat’ several fruits and veggies at the same time.

Mostly I just toss some fruit and/or vegetables together, sometimes add yoghurt or muesli and I’m done. Sometimes I buy my smoothies. We have a local shop here that sells salads, fresh soup and smoothies en juices. I have my favorite smoothie (with acaïberies) but I still want to try them all.

Two weeks ago, I discovered a new smoothie on their menu: Green Monster. I liked the sound of that! It had spinach, pineapple and other things (I forgot). And I kind of liked it!

Spinach is one of my favorite edible things and I would add it to everything, especially wok dishes, if Husband would like it, but alas! I already add babyspinach to my salads, so inventing my own smoothie with spinach seemed like a good way to incorporate it into my weekly veggie-intake!

In a magazine at my mother’s house I found a recipe that looked about right but I decided to adjust it according to my taste and preferences. I thought a trial and error process would lead me to the best smoothie. Luckily for me, my first trial was immediately a succes!

I enjoyed this smoothie for two days so I’m happy to share the recipe with you guys.

I gladly present to you:

The Green Smash




Ingredients for 1 portion:

  • 1 glass of coconut milk (I used Alpro)
  • 1/2 avocado
  • a handful of fresh spinach
  • the juice of half a lime
  • 1 tablespoon of honey or agave syrup
  • some mint leaves (quantity according to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds (+ extra for garnish)


  • Add all the above ingredients to your blender.
  • Blend away!
  • If the consistency of the smoothie is too thick or creamy for your taste, just add some more coconut milk and blend again.
  • Finish your work with a mint leaf and some pumpkin seeds for extra crunch.
  • If you have some grated coconut lying around, you can add this too.
  • Enjoy!





I used agave syrup because I ran out of honey but it worked out well. I immediately made a second portion for the next day because keeping half an avocado fresh is not easy. I suspect you can use any type or brand of coconut milk, just make sure you use the milk variety and not the cream or your smoothie will end up more like vegetable mush.





If you click the image above, you can download a printable version of the recipe! 


Are you willing to try out this recipe? Feel free to let me know what you thought about it!

I'd love to hear from you!