Hello April! (+ downloadables)

Bullet Journal closure

April has come. It seems like March has simply flown by!

Time to start a new month in my bullet journal. I wanted to experiment with watercolor but it’s not really my cup of tea…

Nor do I own the right material and before I spend money on it, I would like to try it first with some cheaper material.

But my patience and I… it’s an on and off relationship!

The solution 

Luckily… we live in the iPad era. On our iPad mini, we have an app called Sketches.






Originally we got it so that Flavie could draw and paint on it. But when I decided to practice my handlettering with it, I discoverd the watercolor function. A tool that allows you to mimic ‘wet watercolor’ effects.

I tried some things and quickly made up something for April.




I’m quite pleased with it! There is also a brush pen tool, to do some brush lettering for instance. But where real brush pens work with pressure to create different lines, this works with speed. Faster movements cause thicker brush strokes. That’s difficult and I couldn’t really master it. I need to work slow to create acceptable brush lettering so this wasn’t for me.




I continued experimenting with pens and pencils for the writing part. Once I had a taste, I couldn’t stop and made a ‘screen’ for every month. Some have handlettering and for others I used the easy text function in the app.

May, for example, will look like this:



I’m a generous person so I’ve decided to make my little tryouts available to you all. All the months 2017 has left to offer in watercolor. They can be used in planners, journals, calendars, as a background on a smartphone… you name it!

The only rule I propose, is that they are for personal use only, not for commercial.

You can download them here:



I got my inspiration from the months itself and tried to base the colors on events or characteristics of the month. August, for example, was inspired by the colors of watermelon, one of my favorite summer fruits. Octobre was based on the colors of pumpkins and halloween and for Decembre I thought about frost and ice and came up with Disney’s Frozen colors… Well something like that! ?


  1. Miss Pixie   •  

    So pretty <3
    Thx for sharing them!

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