Pin it & make it – Fabric bracelets

* Een overzicht van mijn pin it & make it projecten vind je hier.

Okey, so this post was supposed to appear wednesday, but the ‘make it’ part got delayed quite a bit! 😉

My project today was inspired by this pin. I could have tried this so much sooner. Because it’s basically really simple, but just that bit more interesting. I bought the supplies (the ribbon crimps to attach the fabric) ages ago, I don’t remember where. But up until now, I hadn’t really used them. Until today.
I delved into my scrap fabric bin again and took out the same fabrics as here, amazingly enough. I guess pretty fabrics just keep coming back. I combined them with scraps of uni Art Gallery fabric and got started. They aren’t exactly perfect yet, probably because I chose to do it my own way. I sewed them right sides together and then turned the whole ribbon. I also forgot to use fusable interfacing… What was supposed to be a quick project ended up a little nightmare. The neon orange/pink fabric really wasn’t right for this. It was impossible to turn. I eventually spent an hour, yes a whole HOUR, turning that piece. But I was determined to get it. And I did, but I can’t say I’m very pleased with the result.
A good excuse to buy more supplies and start over, this time by following the ‘rules’  😉
I don’t have the right clasps yet, so they aren’t entirely finished. I cannot wear them yet. But you’ll get an update when they are!

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