Tattoo me – Nazca tree

It has come, my last tattoo post (for now). The tattoo you’re actually already familiar with, since the logo of my blog is an edited photo of it. The tree of the Nazca lines. It has sort of become my symbol ever since.






I’ve already written a post about it in the past, but I don’t mind retelling the story. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve had a soft spot for trees my whole life. I think they’re beautiful. I like to get lost among trees when I can. If you quiz or test me and there is a question: ‘Where would you like to be most: mountains, forests, coast or countryside?’, I will always answer forest. I have a lot of images of trees on my computer, I even devoted a Pinterest board to it! So it’s not a surprise my daughter’s birth announcement card and our wedding invitation both had a tree on them.

In 2012, Husband and I were traveling across Peru. I’ve written about it here before, you can check my ‘Would be world traveler column‘. On our first day, in Lima, we met a young Frenchman who gave us some tips for our journey. One of those tips was that if we wanted to get a tattoo, Cusco would be the place to get it. The idea of a Peru tattoo was already playing in my head at the time. I wanted a lasting memory of what was sure to become a wonderful trip.

And so it succeeded. Somewhere halfway troughout our trip we arrived in Cusco. I did some internet research and found a tattoo shop in one of the side streets of the main squareWilka Tattoo. We went for a look and soon discovered the place was run by a couple of young, nice guys, one a little more excentric than the other. The shop was tiny but very clean. It wasn’t my first tattoo so I knew what to look for. Everything seemed in order and proper. We got to talking, looked through some photos and made an appointment. We would return in 5 days. We had to hike the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu first. Circumstances along the way would not be optimal for a fresh tattoo, poor hygiene and physical suffering and such… But we would return to Cusco afterwards and have a full day to spend there anyway, so there would be plenty of time!

So on August 17 2012, Husband and I returned to the shop, he a bit more nervous than I was. It would be his first tattoo, for me the fifth. We agreed with artist Jimmy about what we would get. We had flown over the Nazca lines earlier on our trip and were seriously impressed by them. Husband could not get the image of the little astronaut out of his head and I was sold by the tree, of course.

Husband was up first, because he wanted it to be over quick, I think. He sat in the chair with sweaty palms but he got through it very manly, apart from a few face twitches along the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I even have a shirt video of it!







If you click on the image above, you can view the video!


Image 6-04-17 at 11.56



And then it was my turn. I decided to get the tat on my lower back. Yes I know, a real ‘tramp stamp’ , but it’s not one of those typical ‘tramp stamp’ images and it really seemed like a good place for the tree.





As usual, it was very bearable. A more sensitive spot here and there, but it was over quite fast! And very happy with the result. Please do not mind my love handles in the picture below, they have diminished some since then, pre current pregnancy, that is.





After this, we had 4 days of recovering in our hammocks in the Peruvian jungle.






In retrospect probably not the cleanest environment for fresh ink but I swear, I have never had a tattoo heal easier and faster. Perhaps the healthy junlge air did some good after all. The only thing we were sorry about was the fact that we could not enjoy the pool in the subtropical temperatures, like this guy…

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