Tattoo me – sunflower

My 6 month column has ended up sizeably longer. But here is the one but last post in my tattoo-column.

I think this is my ‘largest’ tattoo and also the one that took the longest to get and hurt the most. Afterwards as well since the healing process was slower and more difficult. After standing up too long, my foot would be swollen and red. Of course, the fact that I had a party weekend and the alcohol I consumed during said weekend might have been a contributing factor… 😉

I never found getting a tattoo to be painful, until I got this one.

Flashback to the summer of 2011 Waarloos at Waarloos Ink. We were living in Lier and I had just stopped working as a large animal veterinarian.

The idea of getting a flower tattoo on my foot was one I’d had for a while, without a special meaning behind it, just because I thought it was pretty. My favorite flowers are daisies and sunflowers and seeing as these last ones always make me happy, I chose a sunflower. I searched the internet for a photo with the right configuration of the flower and took it with me to the shop. Artist Gina was up to the task. We arranged an appointment and started brainstorming on how best to handle it. Yellow is a troublesome color for tattoos so she had to chose her ink very carefully. I wanted to have the flower completely in color, without black lining but she talked me out of this. The flower would have ended up as a yellow smudge without some lining.

When the day came around, I was nervous, but in a good way. Husband couldn’t come with because one of us still had a job at least and he had to work. I took a supply of food and drink with me, because I expected to be in the chair longer than I was used to. This would also be the first time I got a tat with so much color in it. I brought apple juice (THE drink for getting a tattoo), a banana and some corn crackers. They came in real handy, let me tell ya!

This time around I do have some pictures of the fresh ink and even of the process!

The first hour and a half was all right. The black outline were drawn in but then…


Stencil applied…


Black lining in. My skin is already looking a bit red…!

Then the coloring started.Man! She went over the same spot 10 000 times! The last hour was definitely more of a challenge, the banana I brought was a real life saver here! The best yellow ink was used, but even then the color had to be put in with extra care. The green leaves came in last and that was almost too much to handle but I stood my ground. Feet, people, are a painful place to put a tattoo, ye be warned!



Auwie, auwie, my skin looks angry!



Finished! Yes!



 All wrapped up…

Today, you might conclude it was all for nothing… The tattoo looks like this:


Almost all of the color is gone, it would seem…

The green and brown are still there and here and there you find a spot of yellow, but most of it has faded.

However, I haven’t regretted it one minute! Who knows, I might get it colored in again and it can last a few years again… But after reliving the experience in this post, it will not be in the immediate future! I’m not really looking forward to it!

A tip, maybe: foot tattoos are great and cool but if you’re up to the pain, you might want to opt for black lines and darker colors, they will last longer!

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