Tombow dual brush 96 pen set

I’ve had my eye on this set of 96 colors of Tombow dual brush pens for a while. I already owned about 5 of these pens but 96 of the beautiful colors did spark my imagination.

But… I didn’t really need them en especially… they’re so expensive! Ordering off of Amazon US would mean high import fees. It just wasn’t worth it.

Until I saw how ‘low’ the price really was. I compared to every shop and website in my region. I even compared it to Amazon Germany and UK, but nowhere, and I do mean nowhere, they were this affordable. In Europe, the set costs more than double the price on Amazon US. Even including the import fees, this would be the bargain of a century! So naturally, I couldn’t help myself.   😉

And no more than two weeks later…
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-19 om 21.57.11



I made a rather (unofficial) unboxing video where I sort the pens according to Tombow’s color chart:



Do any of you indulge in these unnecessary guilty pleasures sometime? 


  1. Miss Pixie   •  

    Zit nog net niet te kwijlen bij het bekijken van de video :p
    Ze zijn echt prachtig he die pennen. Ik ga ze op mijn verjaardags-wenslijst zetten denk ik..

  2. Fenne   •  

    Zalig 🙂

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